Scorpion Master

Lately I’ve had a scorpion problem around the house. The home has been sprayed recently, that keeps most everything at bay but these scorpions are little bastards! Yesterday I hit the hardware store to purchase a black light to go spotting for the damn things at night.

Last night I did a long, slow sweep of the property indoors and out and am pleased to have found not one scorpion crawling about. Apparently the bug spray is still working! I’ll have another sweep tonight. I busted out the Tamron 60mm lens last night and this morning for some closeups of the flashlight, or torch depending on where you live!

4 thoughts on “Scorpion Master

    • Heck yes they are! My exe’s son was stung twice in the bathroom drying off from a shower. Had to take him to the ER as his tongue was swelling up and speech was slurred. Nasty critter!

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