Unlawful to Abandon Animals?

This sign shouldn’t even be here. It wouldn’t be here in a perfect or better world but people actually do this terrible thing. It’s sickening! I suggest abandoning the humans who do this cruel thing out here in the scorching Mojave Desert. Justice will be served, enjoy your death…

10 thoughts on “Unlawful to Abandon Animals?

  1. I haven’t abandoned any animals but I feel quite guilty. I’ve gone through the list of people I am following and have removed quite a few people. One person had over 11,000 followers. Not sure how that works. But, I’ve reduced the amount of people I am following and I am now concentrating on photographers and artistic people. And so, I apologise to all those people I have abandoned in the cultural desert but worry not, you have plenty of followers and don’t really need me. It’ll also make it much easier for me to follow the work of people I truly admire (you’re in there John!!!).

    • Thank you Richard! Funny thing, two days ago I went through people I follow, pruned more than one dozen off as they never visit my site.

      It’s the same thing I do on Instagram although it’s more frequent on IG. You don’t use Instagram do you?

  2. Incredible that a person would be that cruel. I would save any animal I saw abandoned that way, but I’d hope I also spotted the person doing it so I could report them to the authorities.

    • I agree Doug! Apparently this shit has happened enough that the state decided to put the sign up. Save the animal, leave the other animal out there in our 110 degree desert.

      • It isn'[t that unusual here in rural Nebraska (not an oxymoron! LOL!) that people abandoin pets in the country in the mistaken notion that a kindly farmer or rancher will take over responsibility for the animal. These animals suffer predation (coyotes, cougars), starvation, accidents, but rarely end up in happy homes with those farmers or ranchers.

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