What Year Am I?

Today I passed two antique cars of roughly the same year I think, but was able to photograph just this one on the fly. I sent a text to my antique car expert (aka dad) for the actual build year. Aren’t they so gorgeous! I’m not happy with the processing. Maybe I can convert them into BW Antique photos…

5 thoughts on “What Year Am I?

  1. Beautiful restoration on this fine Ford Model A. (I’m guessing 1930 or 31). This classic has a rumble seat that you of course can’t see. You know there is one by the round step you can see on top of the rear fender. And you can see the cargo trunk as well. Nice photo of a nice car.

    • Thanks very much! My dad may still have one, not sure but I’ve never been in a Rumble Seat. That must be a very unique experience. There is a three hour time difference between myself and my dad, he’ll respond tomorrow I guess. 😎

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