My Black Olive Addiction

I am admitting my addiction! I have always loved black olives since I was a little boy. The taste, the texture! They are good for you too! This morning, I diced several up along with some fresh white onion and a bit of Mayo in a sandwich. Yum! Sometimes I just drain all the salty water from the can, plop them in a cereal bowl and eat every damn one of them!

This is one of other replacements I use to replace my addiction my homemade chili. If you’ve followed me long enough, you know all about my deep love for most any kind of chili! I am very sure that you would like my own homemade chili if you love it hot and spicy! That’s gone now, along with the occasional jaunt to a fast food shit food place and the occasional frozen TV dinners.

Guess what happened with my blood pressure? Well, a good example is that I’ve taken zero BP medications today and it’s almost noon! Wow, what a difference. It takes being very vigilant to avoid the salt hidden in so many foods today, even those that are supposedly good for you. You’ll never go wrong with simple foods like tuna and veggies. I’ll finish off that bowl of tuna, olives and onions mixed up later today. 😍

4 thoughts on “My Black Olive Addiction

  1. I never considered black olives in tuna. I like them too, but can’t have olive oil to often due to my metabolic disorder.

    • My mother made tuna sandwiches with black olives, onions and such. You can get tuna in water of course, but I much prefer oil.

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