South on Fort Apache

Just two photos from yesterday morning heading south on Fort Apache Road for my appointment with the Oral Surgeon for a checkup on my recently removed #30 tooth. It’s healing well, the Bone Graft will be done in two weeks.

Yay.So much fun eh?

It’s less of a procedure than the surgery to remove the tooth yet I will still need to call Med Coach. Med Coach is a service that for a fee will transport you to and from a surgery such as mine when you can’t legally drive yourself due to being heavily medicated for certain procedures. It’s only fifty bucks too which I think is a pretty good deal.

You are looking at the southwest corner of Las Vegas Valley.

2 thoughts on “South on Fort Apache

    • The drivers were really friendly, the cost not too bad at all. Since I live alone here, this is a beautiful thing! Gotta get my mouth fixed!

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