3 thoughts on “The Price of Motion

    • Well…. I didn’t wanna mention all of my perceived reasons why I believe they are so high but I will say that it has everything to do with our federal government not wanting to pinch off the Arab oil teat as well as what I’ve called Tree Huggers for decades. These folks have blocked oil pipelines and whatever else they can disrupt for decades, all in the name of mother earth. Bullshit.

      I don’t buy that crap, build the damn pipelines as needed, continue to pull oil and coal from the earth.

      These are what I see as the main culprits responsible for the current price of fuel. A side note, my 4.3 litre V-6 runs best on the high test, or 91 octane. Otherwise, it spark knocks and has less horsepower. I topped the tank today actually, price was around $3.30 per gallon I believe.

      Ouch. No damn excuse for this, and the extreme and unfair burden or pinch it puts on families and people in general, the cost of living these days considered. Ludicrous!

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