End of The Boulevard

Welcome to the very south end of Las Vegas Boulevard. This is close to the state line with California. the bright white light you see is one of three towers at the Ivanpah Solar Array. I find these solar plants an eyesore as are those damned windmill things. Anyway, I was on the way to what locals call State Line to hang out… There are a couple small casinos down there.

I find it amazing how much this road changes both north and south of the Las Vegas Strip. Down here it ends in the dirt. North of the Strip, it passes the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Nellis Air Force Base. Then it continues into the desert where it meets up with other roads. Somewhere in the middle you’ll find the centre of Sin City.

4 thoughts on “End of The Boulevard

  1. They are ugly. A takeaway from the mountains that surround it. So much more I can blab about these plants but…. I’ll take oil, natural gas, coal…


  2. In regards to the solar arrays that you find unsightly: When I lived down on the gulf coast where there are lots of refineries, people would complain of the smell and someone else would usually say “that’s the smell of money”.


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