I Take Drugs

Yes, I take several drugs per day. I admit it! These drugs keep me going though. Tamron 60mm lens. And drugs. Have you ever noticed that at some Drug Stores, the word Drugs is sometimes the biggest word on the sign? Humans adore their drugs! Drugs are good, drugs are bad too. Don’t be a dope and abuse drugs! Only dopes use dope and abuse drugs. 😂

5 thoughts on “I Take Drugs

  1. It’s amazing what the good doctors and researchers can do these days. Was reading about some new gene therapy the other day. All I need is a drug to give me back some hair and the body I had when I was 21!!! Or maybe a ‘sense of humour drug’ – we certainly need that one in the UK at the moment!!!

    • It’s just not fair that our hair falls out! I had long thick hair in High School. And that strong fit body too, time is cruel Richard…

    • Thanks, indeed I do. Those who know pills know what these are. They are blood pressure and cholesterol meds. And some fish oil caps too. Fish oil has done major wonders for my cholesterol level!

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