The BLM Fire Truck

Today at Calico basin I was chatting with a Volunteer Fireman about the great upgrades that have been done with the Red Spring Boardwalk. It’s been completely rebuilt, a good thing as the old one was rather rickety. This BLM firetruck showed up which prompted me to ask the man what’s up?

The term BLM means Bureau of Land Management.

A woman was hiking not too far from where we were, but the woman was injured and needed help getting out of the canyon which I’ve hiked before. I hope she’s OK! As I left the area, I passed an ambulance running with no lights or siren turned on. I asked permission to photograph the truck since it’s a Government truck. The lighting was plain old washed out but I got a couple shots anyway…

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  1. Very pretty, and I pray they helped the hiker, in time.

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