Antenna Farm

This is not my photo, I’ve zero copyright. That said, this antenna farm is atop Frenchman Mountain on the east side of Las Vegas Valley. Such a beautiful view from around 4000 feet aye? The Stratosphere Tower looks so tiny. My decades-long love for most anything Radio is where my fascination comes from for the hobby, the antenna systems and radio components.

4 thoughts on “Antenna Farm

  1. Very strange. I got an email telling me you had posted a picture of a two-headed squirrel (might have been a rabbit) – and ha ha ha – was in two minds about that one. But, when I look at Reader, I can’t see that post. I sometimes wonder if posts going missing in the WordPress black hole somewhere.

    • I agree! The 5G thing is just the next generation, great for the phone companies. I don’t know what the 5G antennas look like, any idea? I wonder what gig they are using too.

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