A 1968 Wedding That Blew Into My Life

Our frequent windstorms in Las Vegas Valley fairly often blow trash into my yard that either hops over the fences or gets stuck on plants or the gate. This photo was in my backyard, it must have flown/blown right over the fence. My family has photos from 1968 as well, this photo seems oddly familiar because of that but I have zero idea who these people are.

I was eight years young in 1968, good years, I had a great childhood! This is obviously a wedding photo, likely the reception. The back of the photo has some information on it including the my/our comment! Now that your married, it’s no longer My but rather Our. She’s got you on her hooks buddy! Man… These days the Our thing just doesn’t cut the mustard…

I feel sad that they lost this family photo history…

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  1. Then again, it’s possible the marriage ended and someone threw the photo away.

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    • You mean like the gigs of photography I dumped after my third and final divorce? Nine years of photography deleted completely due to a divorce. Women aren’t worth it…


      • Or like the wedding video I threw out, yesterday. No, some relationships aren’t worth it, but then again, sometimes it’s better than being alone. I know we will never agree on this and that’s okay.

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        • There’s too much emotional damage in my brain. Never again, I don’t trust women enough to ever chance it again and yes, I am sooo guilty of screwing things up myself too. Not innocent. Dumping the video was a victory for you, you win!


  2. I was also amazed! I would return the photo if I knew who it belongs to, I assume it’s someone nearby.


  3. Wow! Very cool find! I’d be so curious. I wonder why it was lost in the wind. Maybe a nearby fire or house damaged by weather. There is one name. But that’s a long shot.

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  4. A good fine and a great share.

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