From The East Side

Today I got the heck outta the house and headed east all the way across the valley to where Lake Mead Boulevard leaves the valley and continues into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I didn’t continue into the Rec area, rather I wanted a set of photos looking back west. You can see the Red Rock Escarpment twenty or so miles west of my location, wow!!

Seen in these photos is of course the Stratosphere Tower along with the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. The temperature today is about three to five degrees cooler leaving us with just 103 degrees or so today which is very nice and appreciated! You can really tell the difference in that small change in air temperature here. There’s a nice breeze too which helps.

Since I reside on the opposite side of the valley, it takes me around thirty or so minutes to make the trip to the east side as I am taking Lake Mead Boulevard the entire distance which is totally direct. Taking the fifteen or ninety five freeways won’t help as it just adds tons of extra miles to the journey. I have more photography from this set coming up soon.

4 thoughts on “From The East Side

  1. AWESOME PHOTOS John! One of my favorite views coming into “Sin City”. (AND ohhhhh look the SMOG HAZE wasn’t to bad! That just grosses me out every time we drive in the city now)

    • Yeah, the smog is so damn gross Diann! I’m glad you like the photos! That view must be very familiar to you.

  2. Such a nice way to set these up – each at a different distance. (still too hot, but at least you don’t have the humidity, right?)

    • Thanks for noting the distances! They could have been more varied, but I will site the edge of the road surface as why I didn’t pull to the side more often. Popped sidewalls on your tires suck, been there. I feel the zoom lens I’m using for a long while now lacks the distance I really want. Big lenses equal too much money though… 😎

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