3 thoughts on “Less Than a Year Old…

  1. I’ve never understood this kind of vandalism. As a highway user, I also have issues with someone shooting at an object near a roadway where I might be driving by. I think the penalty forshooting at a highway sign should reflect that increased risk of injuring or killing someone accidentally. Prison time for first timers? Oh, yeah!

    • You make a great point Doug, I have to agree with you. Our country is in my opinion, far too soft on crime and criminal behavior. Is it any wonder we have a major prison industry? This sign isn’t very far at all from where homes begin to appear, right on the very edge of the valley. Too close to homes. The direction of discharge was away from any homes but that doesn’t matter. Lock the MF’ing bastards up.

      • We actually had an instance here in Nebraska where a man and his son were travelling down a highwya when the son was shot and killed by some idiot shooting in the vicinity of the highway. His car just happened to be in the wrong place at the time, the murder was by accident! The case was never solved as far as I know.

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