Recent Quakes

Many of you are aware of the recent quakes in California, location not terribly far from Vegas. This is a screen shot I made tonight of recent quakes around Las Vegas. Huh? I felt zero. Let’s keep it that way aye? The screen shot was taken at this website. Full credit given… 😎

7 thoughts on “Recent Quakes

  1. Actually it is better than to feel it… I felt all of them when it hits İstanbul… It was so fearful…I hoe and wish not again here and there…

      • yes, but we all know, scientists warn us… when and where we don’t know… God be with us, I pray for this. In my city buildings are not very well and also most of them very old… They can’t make any security plan… especially with this state seems it is hard… Wellcome, have a nice day, Love, nia

        • I understand Nia. The buildings aren’t modern and up to new earthquake codes, be careful. 😀

      • Our new home is a very new building but we are at the sea side… In the most risk area… Of course makes me afraid too… Thank you dear John, Love, nia

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