Did It Really Happen?

On this date today in 1969, Mankind landed on the Moon. Or did we? I’ve always believed that we did. There are plenty of nay-sayers around these days, even a TV program trying to prove that the landing never took place, and that it was all filmed in a secret studio somewhere and so on. What do you think? I have a problem with the secret studio theory. I just do!

It’s been fifty years since, I was just nine years young when this happened. Now, mankind is pushing for a Mars landing and colonizing the planet. Why? That’s ridiculous. Mars is a dead world as is the Moon. There are zero realistic reasons why mankind should attempt a landing on Mars or any other world until we figure out how to fix the most important world of all. Earth.

Imagine what good could come forth for the United States and other countries if the billions spent on these space programs were spent on on the people of these nations to help them in any way possible. To help end poverty and the suffering of so many millions of innocent people around the Planet Earth. I don’t mean to be negative in any way, rather, I am simply expressing my thoughts on this important subject as it impacts us all on this blue marble floating through the Heavens.

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  1. …..and I remember watching it on the TV…….and that now makes me feel VERY old!

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  2. It is hard to underestimate the bravery of all those people who travelled to the moon. The Right Stuff for sure!

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  3. We didn’t have the technology to fake the moon landing. Not sure we even have that technology today. At that point we only had the technology to send people to the moon and back.

    I am in favor of human space exploration. Yes, we have all those problems on earth and we spend billions trying to solve them and the problems persist. It must take something besides just money. People are going to have to move into the next frontier if we are ever to solve our problems.

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  4. My hubby is glued to the tv watching all the shows about this. we believe it happened. he recalls being pulled out of bed by his parents to watch the first steps live. He was 11. I was only 6, so don’t have a memory of it live, but sure am intrigued.

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  5. Of course it happened. So did The Holocaust. People are trying to erase history.

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  6. I tend to think that the people who believe it didn’t happen probably think the earth is held up by a giant turtle.

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