Idiots With Guns

My buddy back in Michigan sent me this video overnight. I told him that I’ve seen 99% of these videos on that show called Ridiculousness on MTV. I’m about done with anything MTV today by the way because of the nasty so-called reality TV shows they run today. Gross images of people swapping spit and disease. MTV is a promotional tool for Anarchy and sexual promiscuity as far as I’m concerned.

That said, the show I mentioned has run these videos of pure stupidity on public display by people who obviously have zero business handling guns. In the very first video, notice where the guy’s finger is – on the trigger! Idiot. I’ve had plenty of training with handling and firing guns back in Michigan over the years. Rule one: Never, ever touch that trigger unless you intend to discharge the weapon!

4 thoughts on “Idiots With Guns

    • Really? The gun ban is over? These dolts who hate guns and try to ban them are making it incredibly easy for the crooks who follow no laws, to rip off those poor disarmed citizens. That’s bullshit! Lock and load…

    • They are effing morons dude! The instructor will always tell you to never touch the trigger unless!!! Obviously these morons have had zero training. I had a Concealed Carry license in Michigan years ago. The police do a serious background check on you of course.

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