Scorpions: The Assault Continues

If you’ve followed this blog long enough then you already know that I’ve had a continuing problem with scorpions inside and outside of my home this summer. Early this morning, I found this tiny scorpion stuck on one of several sticky pads laying on the floor in key areas around my home. He’s really tiny, they are the worst to be stung by as the venom is more potent.

I used the new Tamron 60mm Macro lens for these photos. I really love this macro lens, without it I’d never capture the tiny hairs protruding from the head area of this evil tiny demon. This home has been sprayed both inside and out for any form of bugs on a regular basis, apparently it’s just not enough to stomp them out. I’ve been shining most nights outside for them too, usually kill one or two outside.

2 thoughts on “Scorpions: The Assault Continues

    • I’d say so, I call them Chogglodites. The damn scorpions are battling back, I stomp them out. Have been shining outside at night too, hitting the entire property with the black light…

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