4 thoughts on “Stubborn Snow

  1. This heat wave throughout the U.S. is tough. Do you have humidity along with the high temps? Today it was a hot/humid/muggy 99F here in the mid-Atlantic area with the heat index of 115. It is brutal outside, look almost foggy, heat advisories out, events cancelled. I stayed in the A/C. I like your snow capped mountains! ⛄

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    • Wow Donna, I didn’t know it is that hot farther east. I looked at the forecast for my Michigan home town, was 91 today. I get the humidity, it can be tough to breath! I feel it when visiting Michigan. Good choice to stay indoors! How are your/the birds doing out there on the nest? And… Our humidity is VERY low Donna, currently at 19%, very low but the current temp at my house is 102. Lower than the days of 108 we had recently. AC is wonderful!

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      • July and August is always very hot and humid here. Poor Bella & the ‘teens’ just sit and pant, with wings hanging/drooping. Today our humidity was in the 70s, going into the 80s tonight, while our temps will be mid-80’s tonight as well, so it’ll feel like the 90’sF all night long. Ugh…. Yes, I’m staying in where it’s cool!

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