To Upgrade or Not

The premium plan that this blog uses with is coming up for renewal soon. I don’t know if I want to change to the ridiculously priced $300 dollars per year Business plan or not. The only reason for this upgrade would be because of the fact that WordPress in it’s infinite ignorance removed the option for us poor little users of the service to purchase individual space upgrades. It was nice while it lasted.

That said, I have used 70+ percent of my 13 gig allowed with my current plan. With the Business plan, you have far more options such as unlimited space, the ability to use Plugins and to upload your own custom themes. That’s all I really want, the extra storage space. You’ll notice that there are very few videos on this blog because of the space they gobble up. My photos are always reduced in size to use as little space as possible too.

So, what would you do? Spend the ludicrous sum of $300 per year for the extra benefits? Or, start removing hundreds of posts from your blog to recover precious storage space? I find it disgusting that WP has these ridiculous plans with so small a storage capacity for each blog. Why the hell would these asses do this? Answer: GREED.

8 thoughts on “To Upgrade or Not

  1. I never considered a second site but really don’t want two logins and such. I wonder how much space would be reclaimed by deleting 1000 posts? I suppose nobody views them that far back???

  2. That’s a tough choice. Deleting old posts is hard. Starting a WP (Part Two) blog at the level you are at now is one thought (I think that 2 might be cheaper than the business plan for one? not sure)
    But I would first try negotiating with WP – via the online chat. It is a long shot, but you never know. The older versions of WP have different tiers and billing formats, so maybe you could get in that way?
    My theory is – it never hurts to ask.
    I agree, though, $300 is alot of money for an ongoing yearly expense.

  3. We remove old posts to retrieve space. Have great week, John, and take care. By the way, had a steamy weekend here in New York City. MZ

    • I see that! The Weather Channel is a darn good way to stay up on national weather. I really don’t wanna dump any old content, the other side of that is that this blog has over 4000 posts. Losing a thousand may not dent things much…

  4. Every year it’s being problem for me too… and soon I will decide to go on or to open a new one… But with some of WP’s features I am really so happy… and I can’t find any other blogging world like WP… and also I am used to being here too… Anyway, Good Luck dear John, whatever you decide… Thanks and Love, nia

    • I know what you mean Nia, most people hre have a sense of family, so many nice people! I don’t want to leave WP, just don’t want to delete a bunch of old posts to gain space back.

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