The Cherub

Today I took a ride southeast to Sunset Road at Eastern Avenue to get some photos of the airliners as they approached the threshold for touchdown. As it happened the aircraft were all departing eastward which happens of course, due to the wind direction. My plans for capturing the aircraft just over my head were dashed! Instead I settled for some departure photos.

Well that didn’t work well either as the light today is just crap for airliner photography. It always works much better when in full sunshine, today is rather overcast. I’ll have to remember this for the next time I want to photograph the beautiful jets. I also planned to visit Sunset Park which is if I remember correctly, one of the oldest or close to it, parks in the Las Vegas Valley. It has a huge pond!

That pond is what I was after and it took me several minutes to find the damn thing as it’s a bit hidden. I actually used the Navigation on my iPhone to locate my position relative to the pond, hence I finally found the damn thing! My reason for hunting it down is because once or twice per year there are model boat races on the pond. Not sailboats, but miniature powerboats.

These are model boats with little two-cycle engines mounted to different hull configurations such as mono-hulls or Hydroplanes. My interest comes from my childhood involved with outboard engine boat racing and having grown up on a lake in Michigan and constantly around boats. I’ll begin this series with this little Cherub.

At the base of several trees in one area are memorials to family members. Sadly, many of the people were very young. It made me sad to think that these wonderful young people will never experience the rich life they should have had. There were flowers at the base of some of the trees, but they were all faux flowers so no photos of course.