4 thoughts on “Rooftop Lovers

  1. Very cute shots, John, of the Rock Pigeons. These birds come in similar variations of patterns and colors, including the eyes slightly tinted differently; it is hard to distinguish the male from the female without courtship/nesting behavior. It looks like one is preening the other, a common behavior between a bonded pair. Or sometimes the male will regurgitate an offer to the female, part of courtship, could that be happening? (yuk) Let’s say one’s preening the other, or kissy kissy! 😉

    • Yes, let’s not regurgitate! They were so darn cute, I had to walk very quickly into the house for my Nikon. Rock Pigeons aye? Apparently we have a few versions here. The Humming Birds are seen year round. Sometimes when I’m doing things in the yards outside one will stop and hover as though to watch me. So cute!

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