Family That Have Passed

This tiny photo lives in my living room these days, it shows two aunts and two uncles and my mother in the early 1970’s in Michigan on the lake I grew up on. Time is truly the fire in which we burn. One aunt and uncle died just last year, they are the folks to the far left in the photo.

The third woman and the man to the far right are my other aunt and uncle. He died many years ago, my other aunt died two years ago. My father misses his two sisters so much. And the blonde woman? She is my mother whom died in 2012. As adults we understand that these days will come but that doesn’t make things any easier. I love them all deeply, and they are all alive in my heart forever.

Photo via Tamron 60mm lens

5 thoughts on “Family That Have Passed

  1. They will always with you and with their lovers dear John, this is so beautiful to have photographs… this is why I love photography. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. For sure, they will always remain in our hearts, John. My Mom passed away 28 years ago but it’s just like yesterday. My Dad passed away two years ago. The pain remains of missing them both very much so I know how you feel. Take care and enjoy the week! MZ

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