Topped Off with Patriotism!

Stopped at yet another traffic light I snapped this image atop the Rampart Casino today. Any business that sports our beautiful American flag is a business I will consider checking out! This is a very nice casino and hotel inside and out. 😎

The Horse

I’ve been out and about a good bit today picking up an antenna and related parts for my little ham radio base station at home and some other items. This horse is at the entrance to a big dollar HOA neighborhood, I’ve posted it before but those photos were not processed with the newer, better software on the Mac. This version is nice and crispy clean and was captured whilst stopped at one of our lovely Las Vegas traffic lights which can be very long. Why not grab the photo eh?

So Bee-utiful!

Watering my little pots of gold this morning before the temp goes over 100 again I noticed several bees swarming around my flowers. I love this! Of course I had to grab the Nikon for these shots. I used the 70-300mm zoom for these. 😎😍🌼

Across The Lake

This lake is one of a few inside this community, across the lake are some businesses. I thought a Black and White image of this scene would be interesting. On the other side of the distant ridge is the Red Rock Escarpment, Red Rock Canyon proper and Calico Basin which is a favorite of mine.

Water Treatment

Las Vegas has a few man made lakes, this is one of them which I think of as Finger Lakes. Long and skinny. This fella has a plastic tank aft of the captain’s chair which contains chemicals that will control aquatic weed growth in this and the other finger lakes nearby.

Apparently, those chemicals are animal friendly as you can see all the birds around him. He was moving the boat in a zig-zag pattern for better dispersal of the chemicals. This must make those infected by the Tree Hugger bug squirm in their underwear…

Weed or Flower?

This is a cropped version of a photo I snapped at Calico Basin several days ago on the boardwalk. this plant looks healthy enough as it’s near spring water but is it a weed or an actual flower? In either case it’s a good looker! 😎

The 1977 Tee Shirt

This old tee shirt is one of those things I can’t ever part with. Yours truly wore this shirt during his High School days. The shirt is so tattered with holes and tiny rips, it’s seen it’s day long ago. But hey, I’m still in one piece and ticking all these years later! Although my sanity has waned a bit. The small text below the name Detroit says “where the weak are killed and eaten”. Those words are still true and relevant today as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never felt safe when in Detroit, sorry, Detroit people.


The Winglet is the result of studies on aerodynamic drag in an effort to save fuel on commercial aircraft and others. For a better explanation of winglets, click here. I’ve been an airliner nut for many years which is why this technology is so interesting for me. Flight is poetry in motion! And tons of physics too. Combining two fascinating subjects to me makes me happy! Did I say I love to fly too?

More Flower Photos

I’m enjoying keeping these flowers going, actually this is the first time I’ve tried anything like this and it’s fun! I added a huge dose of H2O into the soil and the pan thing under the plants and wow are they sucking it up fast. 😎🌼

Older Hoover Dam Photos

These photos are a couple years old but I can guarantee the dam still looks the same! I’ll head there again after the summer heat goes away until next summer. I do like this time of year but it’s nice when the scorching is done!

Super Speedy Smog

Smog checks are big business in Las Vegas, the little buildings, stands and such are everywhere as you drive around the city. You can’t get your yearly sticky tab thing that goes on your license plate without passing the smog test. The test itself isn’t costly, but to keep my truck properly registered is about $500 bucks per year. Such a good deal eh? Yep, the cost of living is high here! Nice truck…

The Wild Horses

These are old photos I took about three years ago in Lee Canyon near the ski lodge entrance. These are totally wild horses that roam free high in our beautiful Spring Mountains.

My Flowers Are Surviving

So far so good, I planted these guys a few days ago in the new pots and have kept them as wet as I can considering the current Excessive Heat Warning for the last three days in the valley. A bit ago I walked out back for a look at the water levels, they are drinking heavily but still look good.

The cooler weather that will certainly arrive soon will help reduce the stress on them and everything else including we humans! I’m looking forward to bike rides on my Kona and walking in the desert again! Yet I still like the heat… It doesn’t make sense. Can you handle the Mojave Desert heat?

Feelin’ The Heat

Honestly, it’s been a scorching summer in the valley and I’ve had enough as have a couple other locals I know via the internet. This happens at late summer every year with me. I get to a point where it’s aggravating that I can’t ride my Kona bike or have a nice short but enjoyable hike in Calico Basin or elsewhere. Grr! I need the exercise!

The seasonal cool down should be here in two or three weeks based on my experience over six years. Season changes here are not like Michigan changes of course, but you do get the sense for the flow of the seasons after a few years. Patterns emerge.

I’ll have some leaf cleanups from two of my trees but more so from the neighbors trees. A piece of cake as the property sizes are small. After doing that work for over twenty years commercially, these lots are so easy to clean.

Just 30% humidity, yeah it’s a dry heat!