Topped Off with Patriotism!

Stopped at yet another traffic light I snapped this image atop the Rampart Casino today. Any business that sports our beautiful American flag is a business I will consider checking out! This is a very nice casino and hotel inside and out. 😎

The Horse

I’ve been out and about a good bit today picking up an antenna and related parts for my little ham radio base station at home and some other items. This horse is at the entrance to a big dollar HOA neighborhood, I’ve posted it before but those photos were not processed with the newer, better software on the Mac. This version is nice and crispy clean and was captured whilst stopped at one of our lovely Las Vegas traffic lights which can be very long. Why not grab the photo eh?

So Bee-utiful!

Watering my little pots of gold this morning before the temp goes over 100 again I noticed several bees swarming around my flowers. I love this! Of course I had to grab the Nikon for these shots. I used the 70-300mm zoom for these. 😎😍🌼