Increase Your Bounce Numbers!

I surf the web like the rest of you do but do you use an ad blocker? A few months ago I had to stop using Safari, the stock browser on my MacBook Pro. I chose Firefox, not being at the time completely OK with it. Today I wouldn’t switch back! The Safari browser seems to be corrupted… Anyway, I decided to go full bore with a good set of ad blockers installed in Firefox.

Whilst surfing now I all too frequently am hit by websites that throw up a huge panel that covers the screen saying something like “we’ve noticed that you are using an ad blocker”. No shit, Sherlock. Your damn bloody right I am. The site will sometimes ask me to disable the ad blocker. Now why the bloody hell would anyone do that? Not everyone is in love with advertising in it’s many putrid forms.

Here’s where the Bounce comes in. In terms of SEO, people who show up on a site then quickly leave is referred to as a Bounce. Correct me if I’m wrong on that… But what these dumbasses don’t seem to truly understand is that advertising is also a great way to drive people like myself away from the site. Add to that the “Geesh, Your Using An Ad Blocker Here?” Your damn right I am! Eat shit, people.

Ultimately, we win. Our ad blockers have done the job they were developed to do, and the website owners are the ultimate losers in this situation because of that wonderful Bounce and ad blocker. I don’t want your services or otherwise at this point anyway. For me, this lends itself to my daily removal of business subscribers. These people want free advertising for their online operations via our blogs.

Sorry assholes, but not at my expense. Yesterday was the third time I’ve sat at my screen and literally removed a business trying to follow at least thirty times in a row. I remove the subscription, it is literally resubscribed over and over. They are trying so damn hard to be the leeches they actually are. Once again I say, not at my expense assholes.

A few days ago I broke the links between this blog and my Instagram site. Why? I am considering closing this blog down for good and moving to Instagram only. The above mentioned morons and more importantly the amount of time I spend putting posts together and the photography of course consumes much of my time from day to day. Instagram is much faster to use, and the number of actual interactions with other people there is literally Apples and Oranges. There’s no comparison.

Yours truly is burning out on the blogging scene after what must be nearly twenty years of doing this. I will think about this a bit longer, but I am seriously tired of the bullshit going on with certain situations with this blog, and need to spend more time doing other things. Like photography which will end up on Instagram, not here. Besides, nobody would give a shit but me if this stupid blog went away anyway…

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  1. Wow! 20 years of blogging is a long time. It is too bad it has become so frustrating for you. I have not installed a specific ad blocker – I do use Safari on a MacBook Pro. The ads are annoying, I agree. Sometimes I notice bloggers taking a “blogging break” – and I’ve thought about that. I do enjoy your photos and posts! I just do one post/day because of the time factor. As you say, it is time consuming. (the term Bounce is a new one for me too!!)

    • Yep, I started in 2000, damn near 20 years! My Safari just won’t load certain pages in my blog, and acts funny on other sites. No thanks! I do like the browser though. I see people about once a month or so announce that they are taking some time off, maybe I should too. How can you navigate the internet without any kind of ad blocking, wow! And thanks so much for your kind comment on my photos!

  2. Well then no thanks to 500px!! They have a Deal with Getty Images? No thanks. Tumbler sucks, period. I won’t use Onedrive because of Microbrain. My options are dwindling fast Jason! The only place that seems slightly interesting is Square Space…

  3. I am considering deleting my instagram account.

    The platform belongs to Facebook. They can and do change the way it works anytime they like. They own every photo you upload and they track you mercilessly. It is also full of ads in your feed. There are more interactions there, but they are of a much lower quality. Instagram is full of ‘like bots’ and ‘follow-unfollow bots’ (tiresome). I have seen a lot of spammy messages too.

    I also don’t see a lot of great photography on instagram. A lot of the same cliche posed pictures. I see a lot better photography on Flickr, but a lot fewer users, which is probably a good thing. I have had legitimate contacts from people interested in my photography from my website and Flickr, but only spam from instagram.

    My two cents.

    • Hi Jason, thanks for your two cents! The ads on IG make me nuts of course, it was a much better site before the ads. It’s a damn shame that that damned FB owns IG now, I absolutely hate FB! This blog has become a time burden, not hardly worth the time and effort I put into it anymore.

      There are some really beautiful photos on IG but mostly they are more like random phone photos I guess. My own photography is certainly not professional grade and not the best on IG in any way!

      Is Flickr still owned by that Yahoo thing? That’s why I stayed away from Flickr. I’m surprised that Yahoo is still around, same goes for AOL, why is that crap still on. the web!

      • As to ads, I would think that most websites out there that you don’t pay for or buy stuff from are going to need some ads to pay the bills. I don’t mind ads so much if they are not super annoying and scream at you visually or aurally or pretend to be real content. I don’t find instagram’s ads terrible, I was just pointing out the ad stream there (about every seventh photo). My own website is just a hobby and I post a blog 1 or 2 times a week for fun. I have never made a nickle from it.

        I remember the days of watching antenna or cable TV or listening to the radio and the ads got suffocating on those platforms. I always felt a bit ripped off on cable and having a channel run about 20 minutes of ads an hour. Free over the air services I was more understanding of the ads.

        Yahoo no longer owns Flickr. It was sold to SmugMug several months ago. I haven’t seen major changes since that acquisition. Just a 1000 photo cap for non paid subscribers. I keep my photo count on there below 100 anyway as I really only want the best photos on there.

        Comparing Flickr to Instagram, I see intelligent comments on topic on Flickr more often than not. On instagram, I mainly see spam, or rude/stupid comments, dumb arguments. It’s kind of depressing. Read the NASA ISS feed there if you want to see an example. I seldom really look at instagram anymore. But, it has millions of users.
        When people comment or contact me on Flickr, they are usually legitimately interested in talking about a photo. On instagram I mainly get a lot of spam comments.
        I don’t think I have ever experienced a follow/unfollow or like-bot on Flickr, but that it just about all I get on Instagram.
        I find that the Flickr algorithm to be a lot better at bringing photos to a larger audience. Instagram pretty much buries your photo quickly and it is not very discoverable after a few hours.

        Instagram seems to appeal a lot to the narcissistic selfie-posters and I get so tired of that.

        Just my preferences.

        • That’s a good point about the narcissistic people on IG, the Selfie needs to go the way of Disco. I had no idea Flickr was sold obviously, maybe I’ll have a look. Sites like 500px and similar are interesting alternates to WordPress in my view but never got serious about them. What do you think? As a photo nut, could 500px or something like it replace this blog??

          • I have a 500px account, but I haven’t used it in quite a while. It is owned by a Chinese company and anything that you post on there, they can use for stock photos and potentially sell them with or without your consent. That is what I have read, but I don’t know for certain. They have some deal with Getty and I have a few photos there, but I never hear much about it. I don’t shoot photos that would commonly be used for stock-photos. Like anything else, 500px belongs to 500px.

            I have experimented with Tumblr and didn’t love it. I messed around with Pinterest and I have to admit that I don’t really get it. I have a Twitter account that I seldom look at. I have tried Vero with some success, but it became another thing for me to check on. I tried a SmugMug page, which basically lets you create a nice photo page. It kind of seemed redundant to what I already had elsewhere.

            I mainly just focus on my blog website and Flickr.

            WordPress has a bit of a community and there are people that I keep in touch with on here and follow their stuff. WordPress and Onedrive are the only services I pay for. I use WordPress to host a website and I have a Onedrive account that lets me store up to 2 TB of photos so I have an offsite backup for my digital files and I have access to them from any device.

            I am sure that there are dozens of other online services that I have never heard of. I don’t know.

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