Pop Farts

A truly shitty taco with shit in it…

Since I was a kid I’ve called this yummy treat Pop Farts. I never growed upp haha! It’s supposed to be a funny image but the striking truth about it to me is that this is true! Look at the jagged lines on the product versus the beautiful image on the package! Have you ever noticed the way a burger looks on TV compared to the actual product? We’ve been lied to, and sold a bill of goods! Purchasing sub-standard everything these days is now the new norm! And I’m just kidding you about all of this. Don’t eat junk food, it’s bad for you.

A truly shitty Pop Fart with shitty lines on it…

Another shitty image below ⬇️

A truly shitty whatever this shit is… ⬇️

And what the hell was I just saying about shitty food quality?? 😂🤪

4 thoughts on “Pop Farts

  1. Food artists get those big bucks to make sure that Big Mac looks edible! It does seem like fraud (well, it IS!) doesn’t it? I think we become inured to the lies fed us by advertisers, and eat that crap anyway. Or not.

    You posted great examples, incidentally! I try not to laugh (well, not really – what a hoot!) thinking about the mechanical process that produced that sorry PopTart. I guess the operator was on toilet break and he left the machine to do its thing unattended. Hope he/she washed his/her hands afterwards…

    • LOL Doug! Food artists? Are they fraudulent? They feed us a beautiful image of the food then sell ya the shit. I added the other two photos after the post went live. I stopped eating that shit and much more a while back because of my blood pressure. No choice! It’s all good though, probably lost a few pounds. 🤮🤮

      • I find those places serve food that is too salty by far. Unhealthy, of course!

        As for food artists, my college major was English/ Journalism/ Advertising Copywriting, and those little “secrets” about presentation of product were learned from Advertising Age (a trade journal) and other sources. https://youtu.be/eemkTcS0zsM

        • Salt is killing America one by one with high BP, the Fed needs to step in in this case to stop the salt attack.

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