Out the Door Early

couple days ago my truck started smelling of gas, this early morning I drove to the dealer where I purchased the truck. The service writer could smell the fuel as I drove into the service drive through! There is no gas dripping underneath, I was also concerned with the gas water heater in the garage too.

Not a good combination! So, now I am stuck at home with no means of transportation except my two feet and a bicycle. I had the Nikon with me, snapped this photo whilst waiting for the dealership to open. I’m up way earlier today than usual!

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  1. You did get the water heater checked for a gas leak, didn’t you? Gas leaks and garages with closed doors are a recipe for disaster! Hope your truck got repaired and under warranty…….

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    • It’s not the natural gas, it’s the truck’s fuel tank. Last I spoke with the service advisor, the tank has been removed from the truck. Apparently the heat got it. Not sure yet… Waiting on another phone call…

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  2. I guess there’s a plus side to being up so early – even if it is for a car repair – such a beautiful shot!

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