Yesterday’s Sunrise

This photo was taken yesterday on my way to the dealer to find out why my truck is leaking fuel. Turns out, there is a hairline crack in the plastic tubing on top the tank! Folks, I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve said ya just can’t use plastic for everything! I suppose this is a double insult in that metal wasn’t used, and plastic was to save weight on the truck. Stupid! Gladly, this repair is still covered by warranty!

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Sunrise

  1. Good to hear that cause of leak found and of course, the warranty! Great photo – the blue and the yellow, and the rays shining thru the clouds 🙂 !

    • Thanks! And it’s nuts that a cracked piece of plastic is such an inconvenience. Waiting for the shuttle bus right now. Truck should be done later today.

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