Death of a Public Telephone

Honestly, I’m surprised to see any of these old phones anywhere these days. Also that the phone company hasn’t removed this broken piece of shit, the natives obviously have no love for this older technology!

9 thoughts on “Death of a Public Telephone

  1. I saw some (apparently functioning) payphones at the airport. Surprising but comforting in a way to know they were still there. Not everyone has a cell phone.

  2. We recently camped with family in West Virginia and the camp host explained that in an emergency there were 2 of these pay phones in the shelter house, as no cell service. (We have an article about our camping trip on our site). Working pay phones are few and far between these days!

    • I’m glad they weren’t busted into pieces like this one! They are a bit like Fax machines, old technology yet still very useful.

    • Heck yeah it has! I kinda laugh at the stupid thing, it seems to look different every time I pass by it. People are weird…

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