I Made It Home in One Piece!

Flying is always a risk as is just getting in your car, a calculated risk. I arrived home at nine PM last night, unpacked, started some laundry and fell into bed. There’s no place like home!! I had scheduled this trip to Michigan as a second holiday with family, unaware that there would be a death in the family. The scheduled dates happened to coincide with everything.

I wish it were otherwise. Life goes on. I am very concerned for my sister and her three daughters. I’ll make an effort to stay a bit more in contact with her and the girls over the next months. That said I am super happy to be home late last night and sleep in my own bed! Does anyone really sleep well in a different bed or bedroom?

Moving on, before I left home for this short trip I put these two photos together of the colourful toothpicks which I processed with iColorama. It’s amazing what you can do with toothpicks aye? That is if you like abstract photography! New photos today from the trip, iPhone photos only. I had to leave the Nikon home this trip due to space limitations. I have to stay home all day today too whilst an alarm company arms my home to the teeth… This means keep out!! 😎

8 thoughts on “I Made It Home in One Piece!

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when you go away and come home and you love where you live, John? I’m glad your trip to MI went smoothly and that you arrived home safely. Sorry to hear about the death in the family, sad times. Great toothpick color graphics.

    • Thanks sooo much Jet!! ❤️ Wow, it’s so very nice to be home. So comfy and homey! Thanks for your condolence Jet, so sad but our lives must go on. 😔

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