In-Flight Wing Photos

OK, I admit that this type of photo is rather cliche’ but yours truly loves to fly! This aircraft was a Boeing 737 I think, in any case it was a seriously big aircraft. In this set you see parts of Las Vegas Valley and Lake Mead which is at least eighty foot below full pond. It hasn’t been full since the early 1980’s which is so sad.

Also a few beautiful clouds and the Spoilers fully extended when landing at that awful Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Apologies to those who live there but your airport is no more than organised chaos.

Small example – I’ve passed through this airport twice in about three months this year and each time the stated gate that my aircraft was supposed to be coming to was moved to a different gate. This is so bloody frustrating for we passengers! Trust me folks, air travel was much better back in the 1970’s.

7 thoughts on “In-Flight Wing Photos

    • It’s so much fun seeing the world from 8 miles above Donna, but not for those who fear flight… glad you like them!

    • Thanks again Marcus! I couldn’t take the Nikon on this latest trip to Michigan because of the dress clothing I had to take so these are all just iPhone 10X photos… Not too bad I guess? 😎

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