On The Wing

These are five iPhone 10X photos from my departure to Michigan a few days ago. No room for the Nikon on this trip sadly, you can certainly see the difference between the two cameras if you’ve followed my meager photo blog for a bit. This time I was able to spot my neighbourhood from the aircraft as it turned to the north and then east for Chicago O’Hare. Those damn slot machines at the airport are also in gas stations too…

6 thoughts on “On The Wing

      • Not bad at all, John. I’ve just bought my first smart phone (not an iphone though) – actually my first mobile phone in 12 years – and some of the photos it takes are better than my old Lumix camera.

        • That’s great Val. The image quality has come a long way over the years. Still not Nikon or Canon quality but it’s catching up fast. Thanks so much for your kind comment! ❤️🙏🏻😎

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