The Model T

Taken just the other day in my pop’s man cave, we worked on the ignition system of this old beauty. The Magneto-Battery switch was acting up. The car is not a body-off restoration but a daily driver as I call them. I see plenty of these beautiful old timers slowly buzzing around Las Vegas Valley!

That Alternator is not standard equipment!

5 thoughts on “The Model T

    • It screams HEY! I don’t belong here! Nobody got zapped that day, but dad told me the story of back in the day when he raced wooden hydroplanes that run two cycle engines. A 6 cyl. vertical with 6 carbs too. And open exhaust stacks, great memories as a child! The guys would make the challenge – who can keep a finger in the spark plug cap the longest! Man, my dad was a nut!

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