Twisted Rotting Wood

My recent trip to Michigan saw me deep in the wood helping and old friend remove debris from a fallen 125 foot Oak. The wind simply blew the old tree over as it’s rotten as hell inside. It’s time has finally come after what we believe was about 125 years of growth. That tree ring number isn’t exact of course. The ground in the area the tree took root in is near a crick and a small swamp, hence the ground is a bit soft and may very occasionally become a flood plain because of the nearby crick. This was a grand old Oak tree!

2 thoughts on “Twisted Rotting Wood

  1. Fascinating looks inside these trees! (also: I wanted to comment on you Hood Decor – which is very cool macro – but couldn’t find the comment space or link!)

    • I’ve never seen a tree folded inside itself before, so weird, Thanks!! I closed comments on that post, sorry.

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