A Family History of Boat Racing

Here are some iPhone photos of old photos I took in Michigan recently. My family was involved in Roundy Round outboard racing in the fifties and sixties, then moving to quarter mile drag boat racing during the nineteen seventies. As a little kid in the sixties these outboard races were a real treat to go to with my dad. Such wonderful memories of the boats racing, the smell of the wooden hulls, the sounds of the engines and of course the smell of burnt Methanol. So many stories I could tell from these days!!

4 thoughts on “A Family History of Boat Racing

  1. Wonderful photos, John, and I’m sure awesome memories! There are a few powerboat races each year around the Chesapeake Bay that include hydroplanes and skiffs. Two of those races are hosted on the Choptank River where I live. This year we watched one event from our boat and the other event from land. I took photos of both but never got any posted. I’d love to drive a hydroplane! 🙂

    • You too aye! I was too young to drive the boats back then. 1/4 Drag racing and roundy round racing in the outboard, fabulous memories., ☺️🥰

    • They were wonderful days that make excellent memories. My dad is 91 years young these days and still going strong. He never backed down from dangerous stuff!

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