The Electric Outboard Motor

Certainly an antique, I’d like to try powering up this little motor. As a kid growing up on the lake, I used the crap outta electric motors on the rowboats! So fun for cruising shallow waters and streams.

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  1. Trolling in the good sense! That particular example of a trolling motor is exceptionally handsome, showing how functional machines can be things of beauty.

    There was a movement in the 20s, on, to make attractive, even colorful household and industrial goods. Remember how Henry Ford resisted any color but black for his autos? The other makers were putting cars in any color you wanted! And they were growing while he was facing an existential decision: give the market what it wants or give it what he wanted to give it, market be damned if it didn’t accept that Henry Ford knew better than they what they wanted!

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    • Thanks Doug! It is a very attractive shape. This reminds me of the Mercury power head covers these days, anything but attractive. Back to the electric motor, why does the steering fin have a huge hole in it? Not efficient! The prop has almost zero pitch too.

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