A Walk at Red Spring

Yesterday I drove to Calico Basin just outside of the city to check out the newly rebuilt boardwalk at Red Spring. Trust me folks, the old boardwalk was in really shitty condition, hence the state closed it down before someone was seriously injured. It was cracked, splintered and many boards were very questionable as to their ability to support any weight in my view.

The new boardwalk consists of what looks to be a different material, not wood but it looks very much like wood. This composite will hopefully last many years. The new railings are nice too, and all of the pilings under the entire length seem to have been replaced and concreted into the ground. Well done State of Nevada, well done.

That said, I did the best I could in getting these photos as I was in a bit of a hurry since the temperature was hovering between ninety Five and one hundred degrees at roughly noon. I usually spend no more than fifteen to twenty minutes outside in the summer heat since my heart is a bit weak. Nobody should be out there too long!

I hope you like this collection of twenty photos!

4 thoughts on “A Walk at Red Spring

  1. I agree – the new boardwalk looks great and will withstand the weather much better. Very nice photos – esp the detail in the rocks!

    • Thanks again, glad you like the photos. Those boulders are huge. Huge. I wouldn’t want to be standing there when a quake shakes the region!

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