4 thoughts on “The Bored Donkey

  1. Love that shot, John. Maybe you could consider a caption competition? My entry: “Just hurry up and take the photo, will you? I can’t stand like this forever.”

  2. Is this a wild donkey living in the beautiful scenery that we see in your photos? If so, there’s no way it can be sad, having a life like that!

    • Hi Alphe! Yes, it’s a wild donkey, they walk around in packs but are hard to find. You’ll earn a $500 fine if caught feeding them but I’ve seen people feed them hand-to-mouth. Stupid!

      • 😯 What do they eat? Most plants I remember from your photos seem to have spikes!
        To be fair, I would love to feed one, who wouldn’t want a donkey friend 😀 $500 for feeding a donkey seems crazy, but in London I’ve seen signs saying that feeding pigeons can get you a fine of £600, that’s even more!

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