Processing this image I recalled my dismay when just out of curiosity, not looking to purchase, I stopped by a Honda dealer. Not a dumb ass Carmax or the like. I was looking for something without a lawn mower engine under the hood, or bonnet for my British friends. This odd salesman dude told me that a V-6 engine isn’t available for Honda. Seriously? I could have misunderstood him too…

To be honest, I haven’t looked this up online, it’s not that important yet the experience left me feeling rather angry just under my hood. Not my bonnet. It grinds my gears because the Fed and other groups are doing everything possible to stomp out the internal combustion engine. That said, will Jet-A fueled aircraft including our Military aircraft then be powered by rubber bands? Bullshit.

2 thoughts on “Supercharged

  1. I bet you could find a 6 in a really high end car. $$$. Grrr.. My first car was a 6 – after we had numerous 6 cylinder station wagons, it became hard to find one.

    • I believe you are right, my truck has a 4.3 litre V-6, plenty of power. Sometimes I consider a car instead but all I find are lawn mower engines.

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