The Air Conditioned Lawn Mower

An old friend of mine in Michigan sent me this photo yesterday – wow! I spent 20+ years doing this kind of work and would have loved this air conditioned enclosure! Keeping it clean must be tough though, lawn mowing is a very dirty job. Stones that are ejected from the mower deck hit you and would crack this enclosure!

3 thoughts on “The Air Conditioned Lawn Mower

    • Indeed, surprised I still have two eyeballs and no holes in my body from the items that have ricocheted from the trees and such. Ouch! Gotta keep the discharge side of the deck facing away whenever possible. Trees were the worst.

      • My best one was when I was a kid and ran over a hidden metal spike. The blade snapped off and flew several feet away from the mower, but in a direction that missed me by inches!

        I’m no fan of gasoline-powered mowers o= electric for that matter. After many a hot afternoon after work running a gasoline mower, IK bought a hand mower as an experiment.

        First benefit: hearing preserved without having to use ear plugs.

        Second benefit: I could get a cl;eaner cut (sheared) instead of knocking the tops off of the grass.

        Third benefit: I could cut the grass before work, when it was cool because there is little noise with a hand mower. (To hell with neighbors thinking this eccentric – they sweat like hell doing their lawns!)

        Fourth benefit: no safety glasses or fear of accidentally chopping toes off (like one neighbor did) when pulling the mower back toward you.

        Fifth benefit: I could mow in my bare feet! Woo hoo! How comfortable is that?

        Sixth benefit: the same amount of time spent actually mowing, but no preparations to get going (gassing up, buying gas, running out of gas before completing a job….); no end-of-season preparations to preserve gasoline, oil changes, etc.

        Seventh benefit: surely there was one, but I can’ty bring it up just now.

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