What’s The Temperature?

How hot was it in the valley today? It was 108 on my little ride this afternoon, mid September will bring cooler days which will be great, I can get back to short hikes in the canyons and visit Hoover Dam too. I visited the dam in summer just once maybe a couple years ago, Whoaaa!!! The canyon rock and walls augment the sun’s heat plenty, I’ll wait for autumn! I’m very grateful for my home.

2 thoughts on “What’s The Temperature?

    • Yeah! This summer has sustained a bit higher temps than last summer, yet there has been VERY little rain. So much for Monsoon Season eh? I can usually handle the heat but this summer is a bit much for me regardless of six years of summers. I hope this winter brings less rain. We need the rain so bad of course, Last winter was easily the wettest in my six years in the valley. I hope you guys are well!

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