Feelin’ The Heat

Honestly, it’s been a scorching summer in the valley and I’ve had enough as have a couple other locals I know via the internet. This happens at late summer every year with me. I get to a point where it’s aggravating that I can’t ride my Kona bike or have a nice short but enjoyable hike in Calico Basin or elsewhere. Grr! I need the exercise!

The seasonal cool down should be here in two or three weeks based on my experience over six years. Season changes here are not like Michigan changes of course, but you do get the sense for the flow of the seasons after a few years. Patterns emerge.

I’ll have some leaf cleanups from two of my trees but more so from the neighbors trees. A piece of cake as the property sizes are small. After doing that work for over twenty years commercially, these lots are so easy to clean.

Just 30% humidity, yeah it’s a dry heat!

2 thoughts on “Feelin’ The Heat

    • I saw that somewhere on the tube, the cool down must feel great! Now there’s a chance for a hurricane to hit Florida by Sunday or Monday. The east coast weather has been so wild the last couple years. Our Monsoon Season has yielded basically zero rain this summer, not good at all. I really wanna start my mild hikes again, no indoor gym crap for me… 😎

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