My Flowers Are Surviving

So far so good, I planted these guys a few days ago in the new pots and have kept them as wet as I can considering the current Excessive Heat Warning for the last three days in the valley. A bit ago I walked out back for a look at the water levels, they are drinking heavily but still look good.

The cooler weather that will certainly arrive soon will help reduce the stress on them and everything else including we humans! I’m looking forward to bike rides on my Kona and walking in the desert again! Yet I still like the heat… It doesn’t make sense. Can you handle the Mojave Desert heat?

6 thoughts on “My Flowers Are Surviving

  1. They are so beautiful dear John, you should be so good about plants, garden, especially in this hot summer… Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thanks so much Nia, I am glad you like the photos! Actually, this is my first attempt at keeping plants alive. 😎

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