9 thoughts on “Dad, Circa 1967

  1. Wow John I think you should write that book! I’m not sure I’ve seen a drag boat before. I noticed the M14 on the back of the boat and remembered that is in your Instagram handle. Can you explain the significance?
    Wonderful memories of your special Dad. So lovely he is still vibrant and you can enjoy time together.

    • The drag boats are very different from this boat which runs in a circle around the course. Dad was world champ in his division at least once over the years and held a speed record for this class (F Hydro) at 120mph as well. Dad knows where the boat is in Michigan, I’d love to own it! I’m glad you noticed the M14. This time in my life made a huge impression on me that I’ve carried with me all these years, hence the name of my IG account. It’s odd that I grew up boating and with boat racing yet now live in the middle of a desert!

    • Thank you Mike. Yeah he’s a great man. And the boat! Dad knows where it is these days, I’d love to get my hands on it, such a treasure.

    • Thanks guys! The driver is my awesome dad, he’s now 91 wonderful years young! Love this man so much! ❤️ I could write a small book about these days and in the 1970’s too when we were traveling the country racing 1/4 mile drag boats too.

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