Lone Mountain – Southern View

It’s sooo beautiful in the valley today with upper seventies! Time for another joy ride! You are looking north at the south end of Lone Mountain which is only about six hundred foot high, very tiny compared to it’s brethren. Flying over the area departing or returning to Las Vegas offers a totally different view of course. The mountain appears incredibly small seen directly next to the Lamadre’ Range and the Spring Mountains located due west of it. How about the blue sky?

I love my mountains!! ❤️

Recovering Flowers

OK, I’ve mentioned before that I do not have a green thumb but I’m happy that these Indian Blanket flowers have recovered so well after dying off and my cropping the dead ones off with the pruning sheers. Hmmm!!

In The Dusty Distance

This is another 35mm photo from yesterday looking across the valley from west to east and showing the level of dust in the air. This is Lone Mountain Road, the Muddy Mountains across the valley are partially blotted out by all that blowing and blasting dust! The shit really gets in your eyeballs…

Phone Books Do Still Exist!

Early this morning whilst brewing my first cuppa java I peaked out the “windah” and saw these phone books in each driveway on my street. I had no idea that these books are still being printed! Who uses them today though? I did keep the thing for no real reason except the nostalgia of them… Why not just ask Siri to pull up the number or address and location for you?

Sandy Dusty

Here is another 35mm shot showing how much dust was flying in the valley yesterday with those 50+ mph winds blasting from the west and southwest. Welcome back, winds of Autumn and Winter!

Focus your eyes on the mountains across the valley that look hazy – dust!

The Vegas Strip with a 35mm Lens

I tried this shot with the 35mm and of course there’s no zoom. The entire Strip is shown at about ten miles southeast of me, something like that anyway! You probably can’t see it but there’s a ton of dust in the air because of the 50+ mile per hour winds that were howling all day yesterday. Wow!!

The Ridge

Here’s a point-and-shoot photo from yesterday, sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t! I have a question for you: do you ever pay any attention to the sidebar on this site? I’ve thought about removing it to clean the site up a bit. Does anyone pay attention to it? Thoughts?


Here’s an HDR version of Blondie, my dad’s dog back in Michigan. Such a sweet dog. Yes, she is looking directly at you! She’s sizing you up for her next meal… 😬

A Steak Lunch

Once in a while I grab a small pack of steaks for a quick lunch. I wanted to use the backyard grille but it’s just too windy. The grille will nearly blow out which isn’t good with the liquid propane gas floating about! I used the Breville, was a darn yummy lunch!

Driving Around

Random photos from yesterday… So much cooler these days, highs in the mid 70’s next week which is great! Time to get the bike and a jacket out and take a ride. 😎

Shall We Dine Together?

Last night I shrunk this table down to it’s smallest size, it now fits much better in my little dining room. Gee, why didn’t I think of this sooner? The middle section actually disappears under the rest of the table top which is so nice! It doesn’t have to be stored elsewhere in the house. I purchased this table from the local Ashley Home Store which is where my kitchen table also came from. I’m really not a big fan of this company and purchased just these two items from them but do love the tables.

Pot on The Couch

Nah, not the pot you smoke even though it’s a legal state! I shrunk the dining room table down last night, fits better in the dining room now but I put this pot on the couch while changing the table.

Not an exciting photo…

Bob Returns

It’s been a while since the smiling yellow golf ball made it’s appearance here, smiling as always! Yeah, I’m weird…

The US Forestry Building

This attractive building is along your way up to the Mount Charleston Ski Area and other great places up there. It has public toilets and maybe some snacks inside but not much else indoor really but there are things outside that will teach you about the area as well as a memorial to the men and women of wars. Certainly worth a stop but seeing a roundabout way up there is always odd to see!

The Giant Pumpkins

There are larger pumpkins in the world but these guys are too large for most folk to lift! One of them had a price tag of $65.00 bucks. Really? Remember, they turn to mush! No worries back in Michigan though, just haul them into the wood, the deer will always eat it… Smashed pumpkin, yummy…