Backyard Bees

Watering the flowers and Med Fan palm tree a bit ago I noticed the flower pots were again buzzing with activity. After the Pest Control dude left, I broke out the Nikon for these photos. I hope I’m getting a bit better photographing these little critters!I used the 70-300mm zoomer.

Funny thing though, I can stand there pouring water into the pots whilst the bees do their thing, they have zero interest in yours truly. Of course I approach and depart them slowly…

8 thoughts on “Backyard Bees

  1. yes, fascinated me too… flowers and bees… they are so nice and good to see them, life is in the good hands… 🙂 Thank you dear John, Love, nia

    • Thanks so much Dave! Last night I moved one plant to the west side of the yard, the sun’s intensity seems to be slowly killing it. I hope it survives! 😂

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