10 thoughts on “Hot Metal, Hot Pavers

    • This summer has been consistently hotter than last summer, your boss is correct. AC makes life possible here! I’ll say hi to your boss Shelley. 😎 My truck by the way had been in the garage for hours so it hadn’t just came out of the sun. It’s just that hot.

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      • You’re having a hotter summer like we in Wisconsin had a overabundance of snow for Winter! I don’t even know where he is in Vegas, but I’m sure he’d enjoy the hello from you. I saw that your truck was hot with that thermometer thingy! Stay cool!

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        • I’d say howdy Vegas Local! The truck had been in the garage for an extended time, not fresh from the outside. The block walls, aka fences, my stucco on the house, basically everything outdoors absorbs the heat. Don’t touch the metal parts of the lawn furniture, OUCH!! It feels warm well after dark Shelley. I’ve had a thing for the desert since the 1980’s. The climate here isn’t for everyone!

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