I Feel Ripped Off


For several weeks now I’ve been dealing with tooth repair in the form of oral surgery and also at the dentist office. I signed up for dental insurance late last year, for this year knowing that I was going to have these surgeries done. Yesterday I received a letter from my insurance provider that my submissions for dental coverage have all been denied. Denied? Why?

According to the letter, my coverage for these services doesn’t kick in for one full year! In the meantime, the company was continuing to take my extra $30.00 per month for the supposed dental coverage. I was and still am seriously pissed off! I’m on the hook for the full amount, thanks very much, assholes. Our medical insurance system in our country is a farce.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – the time has come for the States to change to the same medical coverage system that Canada and the United Kingdom have been using. NO system is perfect, the systems used by these countries is by no means perfect but I believe that it works far better than the f****ing system we have today, thanks to the assholes in Virginia.

Today I called the rat bastards and removed the faux coverage from my plan. Hey provider, **** you!

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    • Doug, isn’t this a serious pile of shit? Apparently these companies hope that the subscriber won’t pay enough attention to the account to notice this and other shit they probably pull on us. I am all for moving to the British/Canadian system. GGGGRRRR.

        • We both are Doug, my situation is Heart issues and type 2 diabetes. Oh, and chronic high BP too. I’m with a my friend. 😎

          • Hope you avoid dialysis, though it isn’t so bad, just time consuming! My condition is the consequence of coming down with a vascular disease that affects small and mid-sized blood vessels, Wegener’s granulomatosis. I have the version that involved my kidneys, so, rather than diabetes (which I don’t have, amazingly enough), it was the WG that gradually messed me up. It gave me an unfortunate user name, though: weggieboy. Unfortunate because people oftentimes think it is wedgieboy!

              • Something like 2 in a million people are diagnosed with it in a year. Noit the rarest disease, but definitely serious when untreated. Treated, one can survive for decades. Yeah, dialysis is something to avoid if possible. Very time consuming!

                • I hope it never comes to that for me Doug. I’ve seen your struggle with dialysis via your blog for… three years now or something like that. I feel as though we are old friends!

                  • We do go back a time. As for dialysis and other health issues, they are such a regular part of my daily life I don’t usually think about them except when I have a medical emergency (the recent bleed out) or something comes up that I think might be of interest to others in the same or similar situations.

  1. John, I feel your pain. My co-pay racked up to a good $1000 after consulting a heart specialist! I wasn’t informed prior to the consultation (a good part was for using their facilities 🙂 !). I lived in England for a while and yes, they have a fairly good health system (the NHS) though not perfect like you mentioned. MZ

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