The Linq

Today I headed down to the Strip, not something I usually do as the place is so nutty busy. I enjoyed all the people watching and chatting with folks here and there, then came the beautiful young ladies who walk around the Strip with bare bums hanging out, and breasts almost totally bare too. Only in Las Vegas right?

They both closed in on me, maybe because I was alone and proceeded to get VERY close up. I didn’t mind! One gal pointed to the space between her boobs and offered a pic for a nice tip. Wow. I asked her how many guys touch her boobs when putting cash in that little space, yeah it happens!

Anyway, I snapped about one hundred photos there today, more to come. The Linq wheel is so fascinating to me in terms of the physics involved. It looks incredibly flimsy yet has obviously survived every wind storm that the Mojave Desert has thrown at it since 2013.

There are no toilets in those big pods, so what happens when you’ve been pounding down the brewski’s and eating all day or eve? Maybe we don’t want to know…

Nikon with 35mm lens

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