Perhaps a Gazing Ball?

I want to add a few more small yard decorations back here. My mother has a gazing ball back home in Michigan, considering the frequent sunshine a gazing ball would be a fun decoration. Fun sans washing the bird shit off of it! How about a Gnome that has his middle fingers up, flipping off myself and all who dare visit? Perhaps a mate for Mr. Tortoise too? Welcome to my little slice of Las Vegas!

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  1. I’d definitely go for a gazing ball, and I bet Mr. Tortoise would like a buddy.

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  2. Gazing balls are pretty and maybe Mr. T would scare the birds away!

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    • It’s odd that so few birds land in my yard as compared to the neighbors to the east. They have two terribly in need of a pruning African Sumac trees. The pigeons just love those trees and hang out in them frequently yet I rarely see a bird on the ground in my backyard.

      I suppose there’s nothing for them to eat or hide in as my trees are all professionally pruned, even the two Mexican Fan Palms. Some folk put those fake plastic Owls up top the house, there’s a ton of bird air traffic around here!

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  3. Your posts make me miss my house I owned here. Oh well, it might happen again.

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