The Coke Tunnel

On the way to the dentist this early afternoon I grabbed this shot of a car disappearing into the Coke Tunnel. Will the customers in the car emerge from the Coke Tunnel frothing at the mouth for an ice cold coke? Coke, is it really the real thing? The world may never know… Or give a shit!

5 thoughts on “The Coke Tunnel

        • All I did was use one of the other settings in the wheel atop the Nikon as a BW setting if that makes any sense… Honestly, I’m not totally familiar with all it’s functions. Any alterations are done on the MacBook Pro with an HDR app and one other.

          • Thank you for sharing your tips! I shoot in manual mode the majority of the time and use Windows photo editor. You’re way ahead of me on using any kind of editor!!

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